Wanderers: Nishant Jadhav

Photography happened to our wanderer Nishant Jadhav rather late in life, just about after 35 when he bought his first DSLR. Nishant has always been a travel freak, inspired by travel shows and movies. After a long life of being a corporate slave, Nishant finally decided to unleash the wanderer inside him. A travel photographer-blogger and recently turned vlogger, he is a self-proclaimed travel freak … Continue reading Wanderers: Nishant Jadhav

Wanderers – Abhilasha Kale

After a long hiatus, we are back with our Wanderer series featuring fellow travellers and their experiences while on the road. Meet 28-year-old Abhilasha Kale, a banking professional whose beagle Coco is the love of her life. Her hobbies include Indian folk dance, painting and driving. Abhilasha recently discovered the joys of solo travel and hopes to undertake many more solo voyages. What got you hooked … Continue reading Wanderers – Abhilasha Kale

Wanderers – Arun Nadar

Meet our wanderer, Arun, a self-confessed petrolhead. An auto journalist at ZigWheels, Arun loves motorcycles & Diecast. A certified foodie, he appreciates good music and exploring new destinations, preferably on two-wheels. 1) What got you hooked to travelling? Ever since I was a kid, I would always look forward to family vacations as it was a great opportunity to bond with my parents and make new … Continue reading Wanderers – Arun Nadar

These 60 year-olds drove 16,000 km across India in a Tata Hexa!

A couple of years back when I told my husband about my plan of us taking off on a never-ending road trip, he dismissed me as crazy and even after a lot of coaxing from my end he did not concede. Thus my epic plan never took off. Recently I had the privilege to talk to Air Commodore (retd) G L Hiremath, who along with … Continue reading These 60 year-olds drove 16,000 km across India in a Tata Hexa!

Wanderers – Jay Nair

Jayprakash Nair of Winks and Smiles is an avid photography, travel and adventure enthusiast. He believes in living, discovering and capturing ordinary moments in an extraordinary way. 1. What got you hooked to travelling? I find great learning in nature and people. From a young age, I’ve dabbled in numerous talents, and loved the experience of getting to know new things and expanding my horizons. The thrill … Continue reading Wanderers – Jay Nair

Wanderers – Priya Chaphekar

Meet Priya Chaphekar of Wild Girl Diaries. A fervent traveller and multi faceted soul, she longs to unleash her untamed spirit through her words. What got you hooked to travelling? I’ve always been a restless soul since childhood. I hate staying at home. In school, I looked forward to picnics, in college, I looked forward to treks and IVs, and now that I’ve started working, … Continue reading Wanderers – Priya Chaphekar

Wanderers – Pooja Agarwal

Meet Pooja Agarwal, a journalist who loves to travel eat, explore and wander.. At Malaga Central, Spain   What got you hooked to travelling? While pursuing my Masters in London during the first week itself we were given a field assignment. Next day I left my hostel at 7.30 in the morning. I decided that day that I will return back only with the last underground train. In … Continue reading Wanderers – Pooja Agarwal