Wanderers – Aditya Lenka

Biker Aditya Lenka has his eyes set on covering all major scenic routes in India. A self confessed Army brat, the states of J&K, Himachal and the Seven Sisters are the only ones pending on his must-ride list. Aditya opens up about his love for travel, road trips and his future travel plans

  1. What got you hooked to travelling?

Born into an Army family, travelling has been a part of my life since my early childhood. All the core memories I have retained, from my toddler days, are of moving from one city to another, packed into a classic brown Maruti car my family of five would travel across India. With time me and my brother both discovered our love for motorcycles and both of us since have made it an agenda to hit the highways at least twice a year. The effort, time and planning required to successfully pull off a decent ride is one part of it that gets me excited, but despite all the planning the uncertainty and spontaneity of everything during the ride is what keeps me hooked to travelling.IMG_20170316_183719-01

2. Favourite travel destination? Why?

Favourite destination has to be Goa. The proximity to Pune is just brilliant. In the last 3 years I have been on three different rides on three different routes always with the same destination. The Pune-Kolhapur-Goa highway is a very smooth ride and can easily be covered in 8-9 hours. And if the usual routes are too mainstream for you, try hitting State Highway 4 along the Konkan coast for a new adventurous road trip with a few ferry rides involved.IMG-20170327-WA0018

3. Least favourite travel destination? Why?

A destination is just as good as the ride to it. Hopefully that day never comes when I find my least favourite destination.

4. Scariest thing that happened to you?

I guess travelling helps you get bolder and braver, but getting caught with liquor on the Goa border doesn’t really count as scary.IMG-20170327-WA0017

5. Weirdest thing you did?

When I’m on a ride I attend to all forms of nature’s calls out in the open with the sky on top and green grass below. Ha Ha

6. Favourite travel photo? Why?

I have this picture of my brother’s KTM and my Royal Enfield Himalayan on the Sindhudurg Fort beach. It has the perfect balance of sand, water and fishing boats as the backdrop to the black motorcycles.IMG_20170316_183459-01

7. Must have packing item?

Tent, sleeping bag, a rucksack, Bluetooth speakers, a carton of smokes and bungee cords

8. Favourite travel experience?

My ride along the Konkan coast from Pune to Goa through Kashid, Murud, Diveagar, Shrivardhan, Anjarle, Dhabol, Velaneshwar, Jaigad , Ganpatu Pule, Ratnagiri, Devgad, Malvan, Vengurla, Tiracol and finally Querim in Goa.IMG-20170327-WA0024

9. Dream vacation?

A Royal Enfield-sponsored ride to Khardungla Pass, with a GoPro and some awesome ride gear.

10. Upcoming trips?

Road trip from Pune to Manali, hopefully before winters set in.


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2 thoughts on “Wanderers – Aditya Lenka

  1. He is a real example to prove that travel necessarily don’t need money, it takes courage and will to explore the unknown. I have known this guy, he is wonderfully crazy and is down to earth. Best wishes for his future expeditions.

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