Wanderers – Rajat Pandey

Starting today, a new series!! Featuring our very own travelers and their stories.
Let me introduce you to my dear friend Rajat Pandey of Travel With Rajat. I have known him for quite some time now and I envy his travel style. I wish I could just take a backpack and catch a train without a second thought. An ardent photographer, you will not see him without his camera (even if he is in office)
What got you hooked to travelling? : My Dad, My passion for meeting new people and my love for stories
Favourite travel destination? : Rajasthan – it has to be a perfect destination. Good people, amazing history, beautiful terrain and classic stories.
Least favourite travel destination? : As of now Puri – the city is nothing but that temple which is a money making racket.
Scariest thing that happened to you? : Stuck in a small town with no cash and no ATMs in the middle of the night.
Weirdest thing you did? : Traveling with truck drivers…. Lived with them for 2 days. (if you call that weird)
Fav travel photo? : In the middle of a desert its a perfect silhouette



Must have packing item? : Good Backpack, Camera and Underwears…. Rest you can read on my blog soon
Favourite travel experience? : Too many to choose from but if u insist then ‘meeting a 12 year old guide at Ranathambore Fort’… he was Hilarious…..his way of talking, his enthusiasm for telling us everything, his amazing knowledge and his superb smile.
Dream vacation? : New Zealand – From the day I saw LOTR
Any upcoming trips? : North East part of India, Leh and Ladakh, Andaman
*Wanna get featured? Write to me now at nupur.p8@gmail.com or ping on @tuggingdluggage



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