Wanderers: Nishant Jadhav

Photography happened to our wanderer Nishant Jadhav rather late in life, just about after 35 when he bought his first DSLR. Nishant has always been a travel freak, inspired by travel shows and movies. After a long life of being a corporate slave, Nishant finally decided to unleash the wanderer inside him.

A travel photographer-blogger and recently turned vlogger, he is a self-proclaimed travel freak and food lover and follows his nose for food and instinct for his journeys.

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What got you hooked to travelling?
My love for photography was a definite catalyst in getting me to travel. The most important aspect, however, was to broaden my horizon.

Which is your favourite travel destination? Why?
Hampi has to be my favourite destination. I haven’t seen a more vibrant city in terms of its grandeur and heritage. Every corner of Hampi has a hidden surprise. The streets, the hills, the river, it is simply enchanting for a history lover like me.


Which is your least favourite destination? Why?
None, travel teaches you a lot. Every journey gets etched in the mind.

Tell us one travel experience that changed your outlook about life
Once while travelling in Rajasthan, I came across a group of children aged 5 or 6 heading to school in the morning light. Cool winds were blowing from the night before and the roads were covered with sand. Seeing that sight made me stop and watch. I missed the chance of talking to them, but hope to go back there someday.

Which is your favourite travel photo? Why?
I have two favourite travel photos – one from Hampi. It was a moment when I felt time stood still.


(I always wanted to click this)
The second photo is from a wildlife tour in Ranthambore National Park.


Tell us your must-have packing items
DSLR and Lenses, Glares, Notepad & phone camera (where DSLRs are not allowed)

Which is your dream travel destination?
New Zealand / Masai Mara

Any upcoming travel plans?
A Road Trip for sure!


You can find Nishant here
Travel Blog: www.travelwithnj.com
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxZF2ObsuKM
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/njphotografy/


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