The Mystifying Land of Ladakh

Ever wondered how heaven looks like? Take a trip to Ladakh to get your answers! Situated in the northern most state of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh has a strong military presence due to its proximity to Pakistan and China Borders. A strong Buddhist influence is visible through the culture, food, people and architecture. The districtContinue reading “The Mystifying Land of Ladakh”

Leh Diaries – In and Around

I had mentioned in my earlier post about the low temperature in Leh. It was around 4 degree Celsius. The oxygen levels are so low that you are advised to stay indoors for at least a day to get acclimatized to the weather. On our first evening, our driver took us to a couple ofContinue reading “Leh Diaries – In and Around”

Leh Diaries – The Journey & Stay

We took an early morning flight from Delhi to Leh. The journey was of roughly 2 hrs. As a custom, I dozed off soon after the take off. Luckily for me, I was unable to sleep for long. I woke up to the most breath-taking views of the Himalayan mountains from an altitude of 30,000Continue reading “Leh Diaries – The Journey & Stay”

Leh Diaries – The Beginning

The day of our departure saw a lot of crazy things happening. First, I reached office late. Then, there was huge pile of things I had to complete before leaving. Then, I had to drop my dog off to his creche. After all that, I just had 30 mins to eat lunch and finish theContinue reading “Leh Diaries – The Beginning”