Wanderers – Priya Chaphekar

Meet Priya Chaphekar of Wild Girl Diaries. A fervent traveller and multi faceted soul, she longs to unleash her untamed spirit through her words.

  1. What got you hooked to travelling?

I’ve always been a restless soul since childhood. I hate staying at home. In school, I looked forward to picnics, in college, I looked forward to treks and IVs, and now that I’ve started working, I look forward to holidays. Travelling is an addiction that I tasted early in life. Once you start meeting new people and explore the unexplored, it becomes a journey in itself.

  1. Favorite travel destination? Why?

Ladakh, for its barren beauty.

 In traditional Kashmiri attire at Dal Lake
  1. Least fav travel destination? Why?

I’m yet to travel to one. Once you’re a traveler, you begin to find beauty even in the most populated, commercialised places.

  1. Scariest thing that happened to you?

The night at Bhrigu Lake, when our mules lost their way and we spend a whole winter night under the sky, without any warm layers.

  1. Weirdest thing you did?

Tried to imitate a Jab We Met scene at Ratlam station. I almost missed my train.

  1. Fav travel photo? Why?

So many of them! But the most special one has to be the Pangarchula peak. It’s the biggest achievement of my life.

At the summit
  1. Must have packing item?

A DSLR! I can’t do without my camera in hand.

  1. Favourite travel experience?

The Kasol backpacking trip with my husband.

  1. Dream vacation?

Backpacking in Europe. Who doesn’t dream of it?

  1. Upcoming trips?

Kedarkantha winter trek, may be!


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