Monsoon Getaway: Khandi

Khandi is best explored during the rains with numerous waterfalls.

Offbeat Maharashtra: Korlai Fort

While randomly surfing the Konkan coast on Google Maps, I came across a little protruded landmass into the sea. Upon zooming in, the area read as Korlai Fort. Intrigued, I googled more about the Fort. Controlled by the Portuguese, it served as a watch tower to the Revdanda creek and the strategically important Chaul Fort.Continue reading “Offbeat Maharashtra: Korlai Fort”

World Heritage Day – Once upon a time in Pune

We are not makers of History. We are made by History ~ Martin Luther King Jr. April 18 is celebrated as the World Heritage Day.  Heritage is broadly classified as anything that has been passed on through generations. Historical sites, cultural traditions, natural wonders, regional food, jewellery, heritage can either be a personal property or belongContinue reading “World Heritage Day – Once upon a time in Pune”

Weekend Getaway – Kundalika Rafting

Planning for a weekend is one of the biggest headaches! With a plethora of options available, I always end up getting confused and spending Sunday lazying at home. The summer has come to an end and one of the many outdoor activities is White Water Rafting. I got hooked to rafting in the year 2006,Continue reading “Weekend Getaway – Kundalika Rafting”

Journey to the centre of India: Nagpur

Ever since I knew I was travelling to Nagpur to attend a friend’s wedding, I had started searching for activities and places for my free time. I googled and googled until a small tiny mention in the wiki page caught my eye. Zero Milestone.   Every city has a zero milestone. It is the centreContinue reading “Journey to the centre of India: Nagpur”

Trekking up to the Lions Fort – Sinhagad

The last time I climbed Sinhagad was roughly 6 years back. So when I planned to trek up again I was a bit apprehensive. Though its a very easy trek, I was out of practice or any sort of exercise for a very long time. Office had(s) made me dull.   Sinhagad was earlier known as Kondhana.Continue reading “Trekking up to the Lions Fort – Sinhagad”