Enjoy Pune rains, but proceed with caution

Pune is beautiful in the rains is a known fact. Intermittent drizzles, cloudy mist, endless waterfalls through the lofty Sahyadri mountains and the joy of eating piping hot wada pav or corn on the cob is a must do in the monsoon. In the rains one has plenty of options to go to. Places like Lonavala, Khandala, Mulshi and Tamhini Ghat are crowd favourites. Over … Continue reading Enjoy Pune rains, but proceed with caution

#TravelTips – What not to wear!

I am not fashion conscious but I am not a bad dresser. I am not particularly well known for my packing skills either. It is quite a nightmare when I have to balance fashion and comfort. Most of the things that I carry are last minute stuffed. A few good dresses and a few casual ones. I recently came across an article on Smarter Travel on Travel … Continue reading #TravelTips – What not to wear!