what to wear – Goa

Taking inspiration from them, and their upcoming exploits which is similar to mine as I will be heading to my all time favourite coast – Goa!
Though I will not be anywhere close to #LTcoast2coast, it is still a coast. And a awesome one that too.
So I have come up with my own version of what I should pack (or rather what I might be wearing – yeah mood based) for my trip to the coast
I am as always gonna be in my favourite colour – Blue!
I will be taking an umbrella and sunscreen just to be on the safer side. You know how the rains are! I just can’t do without my aviators and a pair of studs. Will prolly carry a few more bangles to accessorize. And cute comfy pair of flip flops.
Make up = gloss and eyeliner
what to wear
So this is my version of beach comfy clothes. What’s yours?
Find and share your look at http://www.polyvore.com

– Nupur

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