Enjoy Pune rains, but proceed with caution

Pune is beautiful in the rains is a known fact. Intermittent drizzles, cloudy mist, endless waterfalls through the lofty Sahyadri mountains and the joy of eating piping hot wada pav or corn on the cob is a must do in the monsoon.

Road to heaven

In the rains one has plenty of options to go to. Places like Lonavala, Khandala, Mulshi and Tamhini Ghat are crowd favourites.
Over the years, these places have basked in their monsoon glory and have been on the list of adventurists, thrill seekers and trekkers. They have their own charm.
In the recent years due to too many people flocking to these destinations, the places have started losing their charm and have turned into places of nuisance (especially with the weekend crowds).
Frankly speaking places like Lonavala, Khandala and Tamhini are a strict no during the weekends. The reason being too many (in thousands) people from Pune, Mumbai flocking to these places creating a mess. Another important problem is the issue of drunk revellers creating nuisance with the police unable to take action because of the large number of people that need to be controlled. To top it all many people park their cars in a way that obstructs traffic on the already small roads of the mountain hotspots. This has been a major concern of all the rainy destinations in and around Pune.

Chaos at Bhushi dam, Lonavala which witnesses a massive rush during the weekends in the monsoon

Off recently Bhushi Dam in Lonavala was witness to a stampede like situation due to excessive people who turned up on a Sunday. Another issue which is proving to be a pain for the authorities is the deaths which are caused due to clicking of selfies. Youngsters just for the sake of those extra ‘like’ on social media risk their lives by trying to click a selfie at a dangerous location. Even after being warned, this breed of selfie people never pay heed and go on with their endeavours.
With heavy rain this monsoon, many landslides and mudslides have been reported from various tourists hotspots around Pune. This is the time for people to be aware and make a plan only when they know that there is no danger.

Precautions to be taken:

  1. If possible travel in groups to places which are famous for waterfalls. the cases of eve teasing, molestation from drunkards, ruffians has been on a rise)
  2. Don’t venture deep in places you don’t know when in Lonavala, Mulshi, Tamhini. Many people have lost their way in the forests and have had a difficult time finding their way back.
  3. Always follow the safety instructions on boards which are present at tourist places.
  4. In case of any mishap contact the local police without any delay.
new camera 317
People randomly park in the ghat which can prove to be dangerous

Be safe than sorry. Because of a small mistake of yours an outing can turn tragic. So it is best to follow all rules as we enjoy heavenly Pune and the surroundings it offers


Sanjay Jadhav

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