Travelling with an Infant

For most new parents, taking their little one for a journey can be daunting. From being hesitant to panic driven to doubting your own decisions, it is borderline nightmare. Doctors believe that infants easily adapt. For them everything is new and they are willing to explore as they are not yet aware of the concept of fear. Some parents tend to be over protective and some can be careless; either of the two is not good. All necessary precautions should be taken without going overboard for their safety and our peace of mind.

So next time you or anyone in your circle is heading out with their infant, make sure they remember to follow a few things:

1) Clothing – Check the weather of your destination beforehand and pack accordingly. If you think you have packed enough clothes, take one extra pair. For them, there is nothing like too many clothes. From throwing up to rolling on the floor, they can test your patience on the number of apparel changes they will need.

2) Food – This goes without saying. Try not to experiment with different tastes or ingredients but feed them the foods they are used too. If your baby is on a boiled vegetables diet, most hotels would oblige and prepare a special meal. Ready to cook infant food is easily available across departmental stores, recommended only during emergencies. If you prefer cooking it yourself, a portable multi cook or induction is the best option which run on electrical supply. Vegetables and fruits are easily available in local markets hence no need to carry them along. Consult with the paediatrician on the best Infant Milk Formula suitable for your child to carry along.

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3) Safety – If you are travelling by car, make sure they are seated in a certified car seat. Experts recommend using rear facing seats as they are safer and help in protecting the baby’s spinal cord. They also helps in preventing snapping of the neck during sudden braking or collision. According to studies, car seats reduce the risk of injury approximately by 60% A lot of options are available in the market. Choose the one that suits your need the best. Brands like Graco, Chicco and Mahindra are universally used and trusted.

For long distance air travel, request the airline for a bassinet. It provides relief to the baby as well as the mother. Doctors suggest feeding the baby while take off and landing to reduce the stress on their eardrums.

Protect your infants from insect bites by using Insect Repellent patches. Odomos Naturals is known to be baby safe. Portable mosquito nets are available and are easy to carry along as well


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4) Entertainment – Showing any electronic devices to the baby is not recommended. Their eyes are susceptible to permanent damage if exposed to T.V., Mobile Phone or iPad/Laptop at a nascent stage. There is a wide range of toys, story and activity books available in the market to keep them occupied. Carry enough and a varied music collection.

5) Break Journey – Unless unavoidable, it is suggested that a long journey is divided to provide vital rest to the babies. A long non stop road trip can be tiring and will make them cranky, spoiling the mood of everyone along. Take regular stops to stretch your legs and your child’s.

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6) First Aid – Very essential. Even for short distances remember to carry the first aid box and medicines that the pediatrician has prescribed. All children are injury prone. Most of the times children get scared due to sudden reaction of the people around them. The best way to treat them is by not panicking ourselves. Consult the paediatrician before travelling to extreme temperatures.

7) Sundry – Make sure you carry enough swaddles, blankets/shawls, bibs, handkerchiefs, tissues, wet wipes, diaper, hand sanitizers and toiletries. The small but important things are always left behind.

Pack a separate bag so it can be sourced quickly. Keep a small bag handy with emergency supplies of diaper, wipes and medicines.


Have you travelled with an infant? What are your suggestions?


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