Welcome to the Jungle: Things to Remember

With the end of monsoon, it is time for wildlife enthusiasts to rejoice. The numerous National Parks and Sanctuaries in the country will now open their gates for visitors.
The dwindling forest cover and wildlife has inspired many people to experience the natural world before it vanishes. The growing trend of ‘Bucket List’ results in the influx of visitors that cause more harm. Many first time visitors are over excited but clueless when it comes to the do’s and don’t’s in the jungle. These handy tips will guide you to a memorable expedition
Clothing – Animals are not used to bright colours hence it best to avoid wearing bright or neon clothing. Try to blend your clothes with the natural surroundings. Khaki, Dark/Olive Green and Brown are the most suitable colours. Make sure you cover your hands and legs to avoid insect bites. Refrain from wearing jewellery. Heavy jewellery is not allowed inside the Park. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that have been used before to avoid shoe bite.
Expectations – It is best to maintain realistic expectations to enjoy the safari. The jungle is not a zoo, hence there is no guarantee of a sighting. Don’t blame the park rangers or drivers. Revel in the serenity and beauty of the Park. Do read up on the National Park you are visiting before hand to help you understand the habitants and its history.
Behaviour – Maintain the decorum of the jungle. Remember you are in their house. Do not shout, yell or gossip loudly. You will be putting yourself and the people with you in danger. 1f7c23fc798bb7fddc3ca32b0c6a59b9Do not at any point throw your garbage in the forest. Avoid carrying anything that needs discarding. If unavoidable carry a small bag to throw in the garbage. Smoking and lighting a camp fire is strictly prohibited. Accidental fires not only harm the ecology but can also instigate the animals.
Things to Carry – Basics like sun hats, sunglasses, water, camera, first aid, binoculars, extra memory card can be carried along in the park. Abstain using a perfume or deodorant. Eatables are not allowed inside. Carry a mosquito repellent, sunscreen, antiseptic cream and your medication if any.
Important Tips – Stay alert the whole time. Even when you are not in the jungle. Most of the resorts around the park report sightings. Do not wander alone at night. Keep a flash light handy. Cellphone should be used only for emergency. Be punctual. Listen and follow all the instructions given by the guide carefully. Don’t take small children or infants. With their short attention span, it will be task for you to keep them calm. While taking photographs of animals, do not use the flash. It might instigate the animal. Do not collect souvenirs like feathers or plants.

Chitwan National Park, Nepal


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