Weekend Getaway – Kundalika Rafting

Planning for a weekend is one of the biggest headaches! With a plethora of options available, I always end up getting confused and spending Sunday lazying at home.

The summer has come to an end and one of the many outdoor activities is White Water Rafting. I got hooked to rafting in the year 2006, in Dandeli, Karnataka. Since then I have a list made wanting to cover the best rafting spots in India and around.
The girl gang planned to tick off a lesser known Kundalika River in the west coast of Maharashtra. Arguably one of the best rivers in India to raft on. The first is Ganges, without a doubt.
The river before the release of water
The river before the entire area gets covered within minutes once the water is released.
Excess water in the river is fed by TATA Power’s Dam project, making Kundalika an artificially perennial river. Approx distance from Pune is 100kms. It is a 2.5 hour drive with abundance of scenic beauty but the road is not very welcoming. Bumpy path with the worst potholes possible. But once you reach the rafting start point, your backache miraculously vanishes.
We checked in immediately and were provided with the entire rafting gear.
Our river guide Shrikant gave us important lessons and survival tips. The river, how much so ever docile by looks, can be absolutely devastating. It is necessary that you listen carefully and not try out anything of your own.
The rafting distance is of 14km which takes approx 1.15 hrs depending on the speed of the water. Each raft carries 6-8 people. The river is a complete delight! For first timers as well as regulars. The rapids are Grade 2+.  And the best part is one need not know swimming! I get shit scared jumping into anything other than the swimming pool.
The life jackets keep us afloat for long enough to be rescued in case anyone trips over. (Which is quite the possibility)
How can you not trip?!
How can you not trip?!
Enjoying the river in the summer sun! Body surfing as it is called. Just lying on the river and flowing at whatever speed and direction it goes. One of the best ways to enjoy the water.
We were dead tired at the end of the day but it was worth every minute.
Enjoy this exhilarating experience at
*Images except one are not mine. A fellow rafter clicked them. Credit to that unknown person!

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