Trekking up to the Lions Fort – Sinhagad

The last time I climbed Sinhagad was roughly 6 years back. So when I planned to trek up again I was a bit apprehensive. Though its a very easy trek, I was out of practice or any sort of exercise for a very long time. Office had(s) made me dull.  
Sinhagad was earlier known as Kondhana. Shivaji Maharaj set his eyes on the fort and thus, the battle for Kondhana was fought. Tanaji Malusare, who spearheaded the battle lost his life in the process. On his death, Shivaji Maharaj anguished, ‘Gad aala pan sinha gela’ translating to ‘The fort is ours but we lost our Lion. Since then, Kondhana was renamed as Sinhagad (Lions’ Fort) in memory of the brave Maratha Warrior.


With a lot of stops in between, I managed to reach the top. It took me 1.30 hrs for something I could earlier climb in less than hour. Which is still pretty ok considering that I was not sure I will be able to make it.
I blame the sun for rising up so early! Gosh you could’ve waited for me to climb up and then rise instead of making me sweat so much and get tanned! 😉
View after climbing just half the Fort
At the top – Mission Accomplished!
– Nupur

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