Monsoon Getaway: Khandi

We are in the middle of the peak monsoon season and everywhere you look, the surroundings have turned into a lush green.

The rain brings many childhood memories and one of them is going to the outskirts of Pune to watch and play in the mesmerising waterfalls.

Blessed with a lovely terrain, there are a plethora of options from Pune to enjoy the rain in its full glory.

IMG_1386 (1)

Rice harvesting on way to Khandi

One such spot is Khandi. Located close to the Thokarwadi dam, Khandi is gaining popularity due to the pristine environment and comparatively less crowd.

While travelling from Pune, take the old Pune-Mumbai highway and turn right at Kanhe Phata before Kamshet. The road leads to Khandi village and along the picturesque road there are numerous small and big waterfalls.

410D95D2-E39D-40E8-AAC1-7FA60D09839E (1) (1)

One of the many waterfalls in the region

The first prominent waterfall is the Jagtap waterfall (a private one) which is a good spot if you are travelling with a family. They charge Rs. 100 per person to enter the waterfall.

A few minutes ahead from Jagtap waterfall one can soak in the beautiful views of many other waterfalls. Be careful while venturing into them as the rocks beneath get slippery.

6E8ACD5C-6CD6-4C2E-89F7-9C1F293D8FD1 (1)

It’s difficult to resist the temptation of playing in a waterfall

At some of the falls, there are designated parking spots managed by the villagers to earn some income and they charge a parking fee of Rs. 50. It may vary in different places.

E4B1F683-A8B8-4318-A83F-4360894F2ED8 (1)

A small pool at the base of the waterfall where one can enjoy

Expecting many visitors during the monsoon, many villagers have set shop and are serving hot home-cooked veg as well as non-veg local meals.


Local home-cooked meals are the best

The condition of the road is decent. Personal transport is recommended as Khandi is at a considerable distance from the highway. State transport buses ply in the interior but are limited.

Weekday would be a good time to visit as weekends see a maddening rush. The narrow roads get jam-packed and create long traffic snarls during the holidays.


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