World Heritage Day – Once upon a time in Pune

We are not makers of History.

We are made by History

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

April 18 is celebrated as the World Heritage Day.  Heritage is broadly classified as anything that has been passed on through generations. Historical sites, cultural traditions, natural wonders, regional food, jewellery, heritage can either be a personal property or belong to the world.

The theme for 2018 is  “Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism”

Keeping up with the theme, Tugging My Luggage introduces you to Pune.

With a rich history spanning from Shivaji Maharaj to the Peshwas, Pune is known as the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. Till date, there is a strong arts, music and theatre scene in the city and it continues to grow strong with continuous participation from the younger generation.

With time, most of the landmarks have withered into oblivion but some still stand resolute mocking us with their grandeur.

Shaniwar Wada
Shaniwar Wada – The seat of the Peshwa empire, one of the most prominent structures in Pune
Sardar Shitole wada near Kasba Ganpati Mandir
The Sardar Shitole wada near Kasba Ganpati Mandir
Nana Wada. Home of Nana Fadanavis, one of the greatest administrator of the Peshwa rule
Nana Wada – Home of Nana Phadnavis, one of the most influential administrator of the Maratha Empire. The Wada is undergoing renovation and there is an amphitheater planned to conduct cultural events inside the premises.
The women of Burud Ali. The cane market of Pune
Burud Ali – Pune’s traditional bamboo market.
Pune Nagar Vachan Mandir
Pune Nagar Vachan Mandir was founded in 1848 and is believed to be one of the oldest library in the city.
Natu Wada
Natu Wada – This old style wada with typical Maratha wooden architecture still serves as living quarters to many families.
Lal Mahal. Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj grew up here
Lal Mahal – Shahaji Raje built this palace for his wife and son, he great Maratha king Shivaji. Most of Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s childhood was spent here.
Typical Maratha architecture
Vishrambag Wada
Visharambag Wada – Built by the Peshwa, these were the resting quarters for the rulers. The Pune Corporation Heritage Department has recently completed restoration work and will soon open doors for the public.

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