How I became a fan of RoomnHouse

I have been going to Goa almost every year, visiting my favorite hangouts and staying at my preferred accommodations.
This year I wanted it to be a brand new experience. I was keen on trying a different property and explore a new area of Goa.
As luck would shine, I got a chance to try RoomnHouse, an upcoming alternative accommodation website connecting local people with travelers.
Bookings done, bags packed and off I was in my new Nano Twist to my favourite part of the world.


My Nano Twist on way to her first trip to Goa
My Nano Twist on way to her first trip to Goa


I chose the hippy town of Anjuna in North Goa which I had visited once few years ago but never stayed back.
Driving through the tiny lanes, I finally found my stay, a lovely huge bungalow a minute’s drive away from the famed Anjuna beach. A nice garden in front brought out its beauty.
I was instantly in love with it.


The huge bungalow dwarfing the little Nano Twist
The huge bungalow dwarfing the little Nano Twist


I promised myself to explore a new area of Goa every year with RoomnHouse as they ticked all the boxes for me
Connecting with the locals:
What better way to experience local life than to stay with them. Be it teaching the local language or guiding to their local favourites, they always lend a helping hand. This also gets you up close to the local culture and their intriguing way of life.  
Most RoomnHouse properties are the ones where the host family lets out their extra room without invading your privacy yet giving you a glimpse of their lifestyle…..stories you want to cherish and carry back!
Even within one location, there are numerous properties enlisted on the website making life easy. One can easily pick and choose their preferred location factoring-in the distances and budget planned. Why would anyone want to stay in a boring hotel room when they can let’s say stay at a beach house or in the middle of a forest.  It is incredible, the number of location options on offer!
Sunset at the stunning Anjuna Beach
Sunset at the stunning Anjuna Beach


Something very important for a traveler is the Travel Budget and the major chunk of it is expended on accommodation. Finding a particular type of accommodation in a stipulated budget can be daunting. The photographs on the websites can be misleading resulting in disappointments to say the least. RoomnHouse has taken care of that one. What you see on the website is what you get. The experience and memories are as always complementary! 
RoomnHouse also has a varied spectrum to offer budget as well as luxurious travellers. From a small town to a metro city. From a BnB to an entire Villa, they have got everything covered.  Suits me just fine. 
The budget yet comfortable stay at my RoomnHouse room


Ease of Payment:
Online payment makes me jittery.  I do not trust online payment method, even though my bank balance is always so low that it is almost impossible for anyone to steal anything. Yet.
RoomnHouse surprisingly did not make me jittery. The payment process was easy and fuss free. What made me happy was the beeping of my phone confirming me about the payment within a few minutes of completing the transaction.
To use RoomnHouse services for your vacations, simply click on the link, choose your accommodation, make the payments and explore your destination. You can thank me later!




*I am grateful for RoomnHouse for providing the accommodation and also the free upgrade. I swear the upgrade has in no way influenced this post.

*All opinions and pictures are my own.


6 thoughts on “How I became a fan of RoomnHouse

  1. I tried once but the host rejected. The case was well handled by their customer support and refund was given within a day. I may try them soon.


  2. I have used their service in Pune.Fantastic villa we stayed in. They have a super customer service team


    1. Thank you William.
      I definitely recommend using the website. The accommodations listed are great and they have a superb back end support


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