Maldives – A Photo Essay

“Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.” –

Dalai Lama


After an awesome and freezing holiday in Ladakh in 2013, this year was reserved for some Sun, Sand and Sea. The only question was – Which Sand? and Which Sea?

After a lot of browsing and strained eyes we were set for the destination – Maldives.

Choosing the resort out of the hundreds that operate on each island drained me completely. And yet I was not sure if I had chosen the right one. But then again, who cares, I was going to Maldives.

As we landed at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, I was like a kid who had received a life long of free supply of candies. The image I had in mind looking at all of the photos online was real. Right in front of me. I was awestruck.

A quick visa stamping and we ran out to soak it all in.


What follows is a photo heavy post as I fall short of words to describe the beauty of this paradise


The first scene you see stepping out from the Airport is this! There could not have been a better way to begin!
Just outside the Airport

The airport is situated on Hulhule island just beside the capital city of Male.

As I stepped out of the main building, I was greeted by this stunning view. My immediate thought was to jump into the ocean but refrained myself from doing so. For everyone’s benefit.

We waited at the jetty for our transportation to Club Med Kani, the chosen resort.



The resort island
The resort island


A typical tropical island – Blue Water, White Sand and Coconut Trees. Just what we wanted.



My idea of a perfect day
My idea of a perfect day

The Gazebo was right outside my room. All I needed was my book and a cocktail.


And the perfect day still continues
And the perfect day still continues

How picture perfect is that!?!



Favourite vacation spot. Taking a dip in the pool and starring at the vast Indian Ocean
The Pool overlooking the Indian Ocean

This was my favourite vacation spot. Taking a dip and starring at the vast Indian Ocean. Truly blessed.



Paths leading to happiness

I love a crossroad when which ever path I decide to take, I know it is going to make me happy.



Lonely coconut tree at the beach
Lonely coconut tree at the beach

Ever seen a tree so close to the sea?

Maybe it couldn’t decide where to be. Quite like a lot of people, choosing the middle path because they are unable to decide.


I saw the most clearest and bluest water at Maldives. Something we never get to see in India
The vast Indian Ocean

I saw the most clearest and bluest water at Maldives. Something we never get to see at the beaches in India.





That’s a baby shark up there! And a school of fishes! So many of them!





The beach was filled with tiny live shells moving around everywhere. They used to stop once they sensed we were too close to them



Sea Plane
I just love the colour contrast of the sea-plane and the water. I really couldn’t stop staring at it.

Trans Maldivian is a national airline transporting passengers between islands.



Over water

A must do in any tropical isand destination – live in an Overwater Bungalow. The concept is brilliant and the execution simply mind blowing. An unobstructed view and direct access to the ocean.



Pool drinks
My Favourite Picture!

Every trip has a favourite photo. And this is mine. Simply because it has all my favourite elements. And I took a huge risk in bringing my iPhone in the water ;D



The island Flea Market

The residents of neighbouring  islands had put up their local product on display at the Flea Market. Very kindly organized by the Club Med Kani staff.


The time had come to say goodbye!

Probably the most scenic goodbye!


Like Ladakh, I did not want to leave the place I was in. It was totally opposite but paradise in its own way.


I am eagerly waiting to find out what 2015 will bring!

Have you already planned for next year? Share your stories!


  • Nupur


*All opinions and pictures are my own




8 thoughts on “Maldives – A Photo Essay

  1. Awesome post nups…btw even i am planning to go to Maldives real soon. Can you tell me the best time to visit Maldives and how much will it cost for a 7 day trip?



  2. Heavenly pictures Nups!
    My personal favorites would have to be the second one of the gazebo , the adorable blue & yellow plane , the lonely coconut tree (awww) , the beautiful white baby shark and yes the one with the drinks! Your risk paid off 😉
    Too much beauty in this post.


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