A huge honour – Liebster Award Nomination

I cannot thank Amrita of Travelling Ides of March enough for thinking that I deserve the nomination to the Liebster Awards. It is a huge honour and very pleasant surprise!

Liebster Award Nomination


Amrita, you surely have turned my dull day bright 🙂
Taking forward the concept of Liebster Awards, here are my answers to the questions asked by Amrita
1) Where is your favourite place in the world? Why?
Undoubtedly Goa. It  is like a second home to me. I am most relaxed and at ease when I am staring at the vast ocean with a book in my hand and the time flying at my sweet own pace. No other place has given me that feeling, yet.
View from Chapora Fort
View from Chapora Fort
2) Is there a thing that you ritualistically bring home from your travels?
I have a souvenir wall in my bedroom and it is mostly filled with key chains from all over. I am currently using key chains from 4 different countries 


Key Chains


3) Which are your top 3 favourite travel bloggers?
The Lazy Travelers
Shooting Star
Empty Rucksack
4) If you were not travelling, where and what would you be doing?
I would’ve been desk-bound planning and executing marketing strategies and crying over it
5) What is your favourite memory from your travels?
This is a tough one. There are numerous. But one that stands out is my first Himalayan climb to Bhrigu Peak. Standing 14700ft above sea level, I was looking down at other peaks. Those few minutes atop I did not sense any feeling whatsoever. I felt I had achieved Nirvana.
6) What has been the most challenging experience yet?
My mom used to send me to trekking camps as a kid. I used to hate rock climbing. As a frail 8 year old, pulling up myself was probably the biggest challenge for me. In later years, facing the Bhrigu Peak, it was a huge test to let go of the fear.
7) Which is the one country you haven’t been to yet and would love to go to?
Tough decision but I guess Amsterdam
8) Pick one- mountains, forests, cities or beaches?
I am a total beach babe.


A pool overlooking the ocean - Best Combo Ever!
A pool overlooking the ocean – Best Combo Ever!



9) Which are your top 3 favourite destinations?
Goa, India
Ladakh, India
Pokhara, Nepal 
10) What does blogging mean to you?
Blogging is such a great platform for individuals to express their talents. Be it writing or photography or cooking. It brings individuals together and have countless of discussions and share knowledge
There are countless of blogs and websites about travel. But there are a few which have a lasting impact. I have nominated 10 blogs that I love to read and are always an inspiration – 
Travelling Ides of March
Empty Rucksack
Shooting Star
Sandeepa & Chetan
Feel Free or Fly
Bruised Passports
Deepa Ranganathan
Maverick Bird
Budget Indian Vacations
Travellers Planet
They are all awesome blogs and a great source of knowledge. And I am sure they will help you out in planning your holiday in their field of expertise!
Keeping up with the tradition, I would like them to answer the following questions. 
1) What got you hooked to travel?
2) What is your favourite thing about travel?
3) One place which you would love to return over and over again?
4) One place you would never return?
5) If you had to settle down in one place, which would it be?
6) Which is your favourite travel photo?
7) What do you prefer to carry, hard copy books or e-books?
8) What do you prefer, short term or long term travel?
9) Which are your must have packing items?
10) How has blogging helped you?
I once again thank Amrita for nominating me! Cheers girl! Here’s to a life filled with love and adventure! And hope our paths cross again…will keep my eyes and twitter open 😉
Liebster rules:
-Share your gratitude and link back the blogger who has nominated you
-Answer their 10 questions
-Nominate 10 blogs
-Draft 10 questions of your own

4 thoughts on “A huge honour – Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Oh and yes if the Netherlands is your destination then yes Amsterdam is beautiful! I only spent a day there but the canals , the architecture , scenery , everything is perfect 🙂


  2. Congrats on your nomination nups! Wow I did not imagine you’d put Goa above Ladakh hee hee. That key chain collection is awesome!


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