All You Want To Know About Palolem Beach, Goa

Strolling on the golden sand with warm breeze rustling through my hair, I collected the broken sea shells that lied on my path. The sea clumsily¬†kissed my feet before it drifted to come back vigorously. In all the years of my countless Goa trips, Palolem is always a favourite. Not on the tourist map aContinue reading “All You Want To Know About Palolem Beach, Goa”

How I became a fan of RoomnHouse

I have been going to Goa almost every year, visiting my favorite hangouts and staying at my preferred accommodations. This year I wanted it to be a brand new experience. I was keen on trying a different property and explore a new area of Goa. As luck would shine, I got a chance to tryContinue reading “How I became a fan of RoomnHouse”

what to wear – Goa

Taking inspiration from them, and their upcoming exploits which is similar to mine as I will be heading to my all time favourite coast¬†– Goa! Though I will not be anywhere close to #LTcoast2coast, it is still a coast. And a awesome one that too. So I have come up with my own version ofContinue reading “what to wear – Goa”

#FoodLove – Infantaria, Goa

Remember I mentioned that Jayesh (my husband) and myself treated ourselves to our favourite place after the Salsa class? Well, this is why we love Infantaria! This brightly coloured place, situated at Calangute Beach is as mentioned in the big name plate, ‘All Day Dining.’ That just means we could go whenever we wanted andContinue reading “#FoodLove – Infantaria, Goa”

Not so Dancing Stars!

I could move myself to music but was never much of a dancer. I have been wanting to take Salsa lessons but never came through. On my recent short visit to Goa, the resort where we stayed had organized a special Salsa Dance class. My husband (reluctantly) and I went to take classes. Even thoughContinue reading “Not so Dancing Stars!”