Not so Dancing Stars!

I could move myself to music but was never much of a dancer. I have been wanting to take Salsa lessons but never came through.
On my recent short visit to Goa, the resort where we stayed had organized a special Salsa Dance class. My husband (reluctantly) and I went to take classes. Even though I was well aware that my husband has two left feet!
We reached late. (I am kinda used to that now thanks to my husband) So we missed the start. Our instructor, a pretty young lady from Himachal Pradesh, north of India, thankfully taught us without a frown.


We were giggling and laughing like school kids. Totally embarrassed to be on the dance floor. It was hard to balance each other. And very hard not to step on to each others toes! (I did step onto his feet a couple of times though)
Our instructor tried to have as much patience as necessary but it was running out. At one point while showing me the step, I was supposed to lean on her. I somehow managed to shift my entire body weight on her. She almost yelled at me, “Baapre! Kitni patli dikhti ho par kitni bhari ho!” (Oh Lord! You look so slim but are so heavy!)
It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life!
Looking at the picture below I am very grateful to my husband for not dropping me on the floor


We were not even half way through the song when our time was over.
The next session was on the next day. Unfortunately we were on our way to check out. We will never know what lay for us in the next session
We did manage to put up a decent show though. Feeling really proud, we treated ourselves to one of our all time fav dining places, Infantaria!
Now that we our back home, the dream of learning Salsa is just a memory of that one hour session
Valedico till then, gotta get back to work!



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