Maldives – A Photo Essay

“Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.” – Dalai Lama                                                                                   After anContinue reading “Maldives – A Photo Essay”

Lenses – Davis Fall, Nepal

On my first visit to Nepal in March, this beautiful waterfall had almost dried up with hardly any water left for it to fall off. But God was kind enough to gift me a second Nepal holiday just during the monsoons. Oh the country is so pretty! The lofty Himalayas are a magnificent sight. Someday,Continue reading “Lenses – Davis Fall, Nepal”

#Frifotos Theme of the Week – Wings!

I couldn’t be more happier with this weeks theme. Wings!  There is so much to understand from the word.  To me, it means freedom. Freedom to do whatever I want. Where ever I want. As always, I am unable to select just one photo         -Nupur *All photos are my clicked byContinue reading “#Frifotos Theme of the Week – Wings!”