Lenses – Davis Fall, Nepal

The beautiful Davis Fall. In peak monsoon, the water flows over the rock
On my first visit to Nepal in March, this beautiful waterfall had almost dried up with hardly any water left for it to fall off.
But God was kind enough to gift me a second Nepal holiday just during the monsoons. Oh the country is so pretty! The lofty Himalayas are a magnificent sight. Someday, I am going to make Nepal my second home!
Davis Fall, also known as Patale Chango (Underworld Falls, eerie?) is located in the tourist town of Pokhara. It serves as a base for trekkers taking the Annapurna Circuit.
It is said, the fall got its name from a Swiss tourist named Davis who was swept away by the strong currents while swimming at the close by Phewa Lake. Her body was never found. Hence, the fall has been named in her memory.
The fall is almost 100 ft underground and the spot is not easily visible. One has to go to the other side of the road inside the Gupteshwar Caves (Secret/Sacred Caves) to see the falling point. The path inside the caves is very tricky and slippery as one has to remove the footwear outside, but a must visit.
The area outside the Davis Fall is filled with big and small souvenir shops. Make a point to bargain to get some really inexpensive but beautiful jewellery.


– Nupur

*All pictures are my own. The story of Davis is as told by our local guide. No responsibility for its authenticity

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