World Environment Day 2019: Reflections

This post is inspired by an incident which happened a few days back — the death of many mountaineers on the world’s tallest mountain.

Every year, aspirants from across the world visit Nepal in the hope to conquer the mighty Everest. Some do, some don’t. Some live to tell the tale, some aren’t fortunate.

The photos of the long queue to reach the summit were shocking to say the least.

Many climbers I know have expressed a desire of dying on the mountains, dying doing something they love. But the odds of it happening are little. But imagine dying on the world’s highest peak, not because of harsh conditions or the personal restrictions, but because there were too many people! Just preposterous!

People are dying because there are too many people. The wildlife is dying because there are too many people. The forest cover is depleting because there are too many people. The natural resources are falling short because there are too many people.

A dry river bed. Villages around the vicinity depend on this backwater for their daily needs. But with Maharashtra facing intense drought and record low levels of water availability, the dependents are worst-hit.

How do we, as humans, live with this?

The Earth is ours as much as it is of the other living things.

Its time we look beyond our personal interests, our greeds, our wants, our needs, and work towards creating a balance before nature is forced to create one for itself. Cos then, humanity won’t survive.


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