Mango Pyali Appreciation Post

This is a mango.



King of fruits. Also my favourite.

Mangoes are generally available in India from the month of April to June, depending on the variety of the fruit. There are more than 500 varieties of mango in the world.

They can be cut like this and eaten.


Or this.IMG_5236[3]

Or sucked.

Or juiced.

The point is, the mango can be eaten in different ways. And once you have consumed every amount of it, you will eventually at some point look like this.


That is what a mango does to you.

Well, as the title of this post suggests, this is a Mango Pyali appreciation post.

For the unaware souls, Mango Pyali is a dish served in Cream Craver, a restaurant in Pune, India.

This is how the Mango Pyali looks.





A large bowl is filled with Mango ice-cream, plain cream, a little bit of mango pulp/juice and lots and lots of juicy mango pieces.

All the ingredients come together in a perfect balance to create this wonder.

It is the most delicious mango dish I have ever had.

If you are in Pune or plan to come here, miss this not.


One down.


One more to go.



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