Bijapur – Eat Fest

Bijapur is still quite the small town even with its many tourist attractions. In my 2 day stay, I did not come across any fancy restaurants but had the best South Indian food ever!

Here are my top 3 picks:


1)      Mysore Lodge and Restaurant

Don’t go by the looks, seriously. It is located in a seemingly under-construction building @ the bustling Gandhi Chowk and is not very welcoming. You will have second thoughts about entering but trust me, just go for it. Once you enter, it is spotlessly clean. The atmosphere though might startle you. It is 3 storey tall and has 2 wings with separate entrances for each wing classified as ‘For Family’ & ‘Others’ – and has twice the number of people it can accommodate. Sharing a table with strangers is common so do not worry if someone just comes and grabs a spot beside you, on your table. The service is super efficient. The food is one of the best South Indian I have had in a very long time. If you are looking for authentic South Indian cuisine, this is the place to be. Only wish if they could shift it to a better place – not necessarily swanky.


2)      Hotel Kamat

A trusted name, it is one of the cleanest and well maintained restaurants in town. They have a separate AC section which is a blessing as it can get really hot in Bijapur. The food is good, staff is courteous and service in-line with expectations. They have a residential wing behind the restaurant which is one of the good ones in town. Best place if visiting with family. Kids have enough space to play and ample parking is available. It is also very well located and connected.


3)      Hotel Pearl

It is mainly a residential hotel which has its own restaurant for its guests, but outsiders are allowed in too (it does have 2 separate entrances to this effect). The food is decent and the place is average. What I liked about the place was how inexpensive it was. Stomach filling breakfast at just 50 bucks! With hot Nescafe / filter coffee served in Steel glasses if requested heightening the authentic feel! A gold mine strike! It is not a must visit place but really the best option if you are on a tight budget and is diagonally opposite to the famed Gol Gumbaj.


Wada Sambar
The most amazing South Indian food


It is always said the best way to know a place is to savour the local cuisine. Glad I follow that every time!

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