Bucket List – International

Bucket Lists are great. I love making them. Just jotting down all the things I want to see or do or experience. It feels great to strike off points from the list
But the thing is, at times I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing of the list and travel somewhere all together different. So when people go through the list that I have published, they tend to judge me on the basis of things that have been struck off. Weird, isn’t it. But that is how we have been trained to think. Believe what is in front of you.
I am being hypocritical here, but I still do want to publish the second part of my Bucket List. You can read the first part here.
At times, it does help to plan my next holiday. But then again it depends on me how I take it.
So, here it goes…… the international version. Which I know will increase over time…
– Trek to Namche Bazaar
– See the Northern Lights
– Be romantic in Paris
– Witness the Kenya Migration Safari
– Rent a villa in Tuscany
– Get wasted at Oktoberfest, Germany
– Trek the Inca Trail
– Face the adventure in New Zealand
– Take a junk food tour to USA
– Amsterdam.
– Drive through the Great Ocean Road in Australia
– View of Mt. Everest  
– See Ayers Rock change its colour
– Visit Santorini
– See Plitvice Lake in Croatia
– Cycle through Cambodia
– Skydive
– Take a Desert Safari in Dubai 
– Ride in the Trans-Siberian Express
– Take a dip in one of the many thermal baths in Budapest
– Visit Moraine Lake, Canada
– Feel like a child at Disneyland
– See the Sound n Light show at Sentosa Island
– Visit Thailand – it is jinxed!
– Take a food tour in Italy
– Ride over a hot air balloon in Turkey
– Do nothing in Maldives 
– Switzerland

*A special mention to Valerie D’souza for the amazing picture!

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