Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright: Encounter in Bandhavgarh

It was summertime. The temperature was hovering between 25 degrees to 30 degree Celsius. The roads were scorched and the trees parched. Water in our bottles was depleting in quick succession. We were yet to get lucky. In Magadi, the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh National Park, tiger sightings were rare and our expectations low. Mid way in theContinue reading “Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright: Encounter in Bandhavgarh”

Romancing the Maldives

I find it difficult to sit idle. I always need something going on. But there are very few places on Earth where I would like to do nothing but just sit and stare. Stare at the expansive breath-taking natural beauty, the calmness, the fact that we humans are such a tiny fragment of this vastContinue reading “Romancing the Maldives”

Bucket List – International

Bucket Lists are great. I love making them. Just jotting down all the things I want to see or do or experience. It feels great to strike off points from the list But the thing is, at times I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing of the list and travel somewhere all together different.Continue reading “Bucket List – International”

The Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur

Firstly, heartfelt congratulations and a million thanks to my dear friend Sohail for getting engaged….. at his hometown Solapur which is approx 2 hrs away from my Bucket List item – The Gol Gumbaz!!!!! Struck it out of the list peeps!! 😀 The part train part road journey was worth every minute. More on theContinue reading “The Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur”

Bucket List – India

I often underestimate the wonders in my own country, falling prey at times to the concept of ‘foreign travel’ There are so many things to see and do in this vast and diverse country. After a lot of delay, I am ready with my India specific Bucket List. Gonna make a point to strike off aContinue reading “Bucket List – India”