The Twin-Town Journey

The Destination Selection:
Hey guys! This is our (me n my wife) Bijapur (Katnataka, India) chronicle. Aaaaand, I have been given the honour to present it to you.
A journey very well conceived, researched and executed purely by her………am still stunned……at wits if you will……that she selected Bijapur as I would have never thought of it as one of my choicest destinations to visit.
Having said that, boy am I glad that she did! Actually, glad is more of a severe understatement………I am delighted that we embarked on this journey together.
Our friend was getting engaged (on a Sunday!) in Solapur (Maharashtra, india) and this triggered the thought of a quick and easy week-end get-away in the vicinity of Solapur.
Bijapur, now after being there, seemed to be a very cool choice
The Journey begins:
On Friday, we took the evening train to Solapur (in a Reservation Bogie which was over-crowded but fun-filled). We got our train tickets through an agent but the IRCTC website is user friendly and reliable.
DUNIYA GOL HAI (The World is round) is so befitting when I got to know enroute Solapur that the gentlemen chatting away to glory (long-lost friends) stays few meters away from my house and studies in the same college from where I did my Post-Grad! WOW!!!!! The joy of train travel is unparallel
With such numerous back-to-back discoveries, we finally reached Solapur late night. There at the train station parking was our further ride (a hired Taxi) to Bijapur.
TIP: Unless its Stags only, avoid travelling late nights as the road from Solapur to Bijapur is very lonely with only heavy vehicles and buses plying at irregular intervals. It was pitch black and a bit scary.
With much anxiety, we finally ended-up at the cheap but decent Hotel Pearl (Pre-booked) and sank ourselves in the bed only to rejuvenate ourselves for day ahead where we peeked into History!
Its commonly said….History is Boring……but is it?

—– Jayesh

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