Bucket List – India

I often underestimate the wonders in my own country, falling prey at times to the concept of ‘foreign travel’
There are so many things to see and do in this vast and diverse country. After a lot of delay, I am ready with my India specific Bucket List.
Gonna make a point to strike off a few items before year end. Fingers crossed.
– Trip to Ladakh 
– Visit Valley of Flowers

– Feel proud at Wagah Border 

– Stay in a Shikara in Dal Lake

– White Water Raft on the Ganges

– Take the heritage Darjeeling Train Journey

– Visit Tawang

– Feel alive at the Living Root Bridge

– Drive through the Rann of Kutch

– Rappel down a Waterfall

– Climb a Himalayan Peak 

– Pluck Tea Leaves in Assam like a local

– Go road trip from Manali to Ladakh

See a Tiger in the jungle 

– Take the Konkan Railway

– Watch a Football match at Salt Lake Stadium & eat Rasogulla in Kolkata

– Attempt the Chadar Trek

– Drive on the Zuluk Loops in Sikkim

– Relive the history at Jallianwalla Bagh 

– Wash away my sins with a dip in Ganges

– See the Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur 

– Stay in desert camp in Rajasthan

– Visit the ruins of Hampi

Experience the Heritage of Rajasthan   

– Take a dip at the pools of Dudhsagar Falls



* A special mention to Valerie D’souza for the picture!


9 thoughts on “Bucket List – India

  1. Ahhhhh #1!!!!!!! One of my favorite India experiences ever! It’s magical 😀 Also tree house or house boat in Kerela? Haven’t lived in a tree house but the house boat experience is definitely amazing 🙂 Very exiciting list nups! Good luck 😉


    1. Great blog Anne! Travelling around India can get very over whelming. Its too diverse to be described in one word.
      All the best for your journeys!


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