Leh Diaries – The Journey & Stay

We took an early morning flight from Delhi to Leh. The journey was of roughly 2 hrs. As a custom, I dozed off soon after the take off. Luckily for me, I was unable to sleep for long. I woke up to the most breath-taking views of the Himalayan mountains from an altitude of 30,000 + feet
The sun had just risen over the mountains, making them look spectacular. Unfortunately I do not have any images!
Leh Airport is situated close to the India – China border, making it one of the most tightly secured as well as high altitude airports.
The airport, though simple, boasts of being situated in stunning landscape. Getting out of plane at 4 degree temperature from 40 degree, made us freeze!
What made us stop in our tracks was this.
My Introduction to Ladakh was at this airport. Bang in the middle of Himalayas
My Introduction to Ladakh was at this airport. Bang in the middle of Himalayas
Our pick up vans were already waiting for us. After a lot of research we had booked a place known as Hotel Omasila. With decent reviews about its stay and food on TripAdvisor, it seemed like a good choice.
Our Hotel front
After a sumptuous breakfast, David, our cook/guide gave us a tour of the hotel. The backside had a lovely deck and an amazing view of the snow capped mountains. The same view continued from my room window.
The Hotel backyard
The Hotel backyard
Suddenly, one week seemed insufficient to take it all in.

– Nupur

*All the images have been captured by me

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