Leh Diaries – The Beginning

The day of our departure saw a lot of crazy things happening. First, I reached office late. Then, there was huge pile of things I had to complete before leaving. Then, I had to drop my dog off to his creche. After all that, I just had 30 mins to eat lunch and finish the packing. For this one time, I overpacked!
So much of planning and lists and excel sheets came to little help as I stuffed as much as I could in the time I had. Our airport pick up van had already arrived. Lunch was eaten in the van.
Thankfully, there was very little traffic on the road and we reached before time. With almost an hour to spend, the Pune airport (which is Army operated) has very little entertainment options. After strolling around we settled at what was a cozy Jet Lounge (Thanks to my Jet Privilege membership card)
 And then, the party began! This was the official start of our heavenly trip!

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