Why You Should Visit Amphawa Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, has many floating markets situated around it. A must-do tourist attraction, floating markets are local markets situated on the banks of the river or canal, as waterways were the primary source of transportation in the earlier days in those regions.

Damnoen Saduak is the most popular floating market due to its size as well as its  proximity to Bangkok. But it also can get crowded for the same reasons. A good alternative is the Amphawa Floating Market, at a distance of approximately 50 km from Bangkok.


The market comes alive in the evening. It is recommended to reach early in the afternoon to enjoy a stroll sans the crowd.



Shopping in Amphawa Floating Market

Numerous shops and stalls line up the narrow alleyways of the market. Catering mainly to the locals, the market also has a plethora of options for the visiting tourists to shop for.


There is absolutely no dearth of shopping. Jewellery, handbags, souvenirs, the market has everything.


I really wished I could have bought all these chocolates!


So we ended up buying this cute little elephant night lamp made locally from coconut shells.


Eating in Amphawa Floating Market

Fresh seafood is the highlight of the market.  Prawns, squids, mussels and many other types of seafood (which are new to me) are available. The boats travel around the canal selling their stock. So go occupy a bench and grab a bite!




If you don’t want to experiment with the seafood or are a vegetarian, thankfully, some restaurants and cafes serve western food too. We found a restaurant suitable for my vegetarian husband and me. As I scooped a spoonful of seafood and pork pineapple rice, my husband gorged on a plate full of french fries 😉


Just ask around for boat ride operators if you want to explore the entire market from the canal. It is usually an hour-long ride and is pretty inexpensive. Later in the evenings, there are firefly tours too which take passengers into the river to see stunning fireflies.

Have you been to Amphawa Floating Market or any other floating market? Share your experience!


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