Bangkok’s vibrant flower market: A Photo Essay

No amount of days are ever enough for us when we travel. We like to explore the destination at a slow pace even if it results in skipping a few things. ‘We’ll come back’ is our mantra.

One thing on my mind though when we travelled to Bangkok was the flower market – Pak Klong Talad. After a lot of back and forth due to miscommunication over the timings we finally made it to the famous flower market.

Though open 24/7, the market is alive post midnight and it is the best time to see the people work. A taxi from our hostel was the easiest and safest option considering it was pretty late at night when we finally decided to visit. As we reached the market, our tiredness from the long trip to the Amphawa Floating Market magically vanished.

Looking for a quick visit, we ended up spending more than 2 hours!

Heaps and heaps of orchids, daffodils, sunflowers and so many never before seen flowers were stacked on each other for further process.

In the market, vendors prepare bouquets and various designs to offer in the Temples.
The sights and smells are overwhelming to say the least.

The market is pretty huge. There are two parts to it, situated opposite to each other. make sure you are visiting both of them.

Flower pots being prepared to be offered in the Temples


Lanes of flower vendors busy in their work


People at work










I think I distracted him 😉


Just look at those colours!


And these too!


Flowes frozen in ice crates to keep them fresh


Beautiful flower designs


I can never get enough of Orchids


Bouquets ready to be sold


If you ever make it to Bangkok, make sure you spend a night strolling along the busy lanes of Pak Klong Talad



All photos are clicked by me.

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