Maldives Visa for Indians

Very few countries have a No Visa Required (NVR) or Visa on Arrival (VoA) status for Indian passport holders. One of the effects of a weak economy. But there are some beautiful and stunning countries on the list.

Maldives offers VoA facility to Indian passport holders. The only requirements are a valid passport, proof of onward/return journey ticket and confirmed Resort/Hotel booking. If you have not booked a Resort or Hotel, you will have to submit a proof of sufficient funds (US$100 + $50 dollars per day)

The immigration officers may ask you to produce the documents so keep them ready before you reach the counter.

The period of the Visa is at the discretion of Immigration. It is usually for 30 days or less but can vary. 

The Ibhrahim Nasir International Airport at Male is small compared to the other international airports. Be ready to wait in long queues. 

Don’t wait to experience the paradise that is Maldives! 


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