Charger: Bandhavgarh’s Beloved Tiger

Like Marathas and Mughals, like British and French, the tigers have their own Dynasty. Bandhavgarh National Park had its own Emperor, Charger.
The tiger was named so as he was famous for charging towards unsuspecting tourist vehicles and elephants. He fought a battle with the then ruling tiger, Banka, to claim his territory. Vicious and with a long mane, Charger was one of the most fearless and frightful of Bandhavgarh.
He raised a family with Sita, one of the most photographed tigress in the world. They ruled their territory for almost a decade and are legendary amongst the locals and wildlife enthusiasts.
After the death of Sita, Charger became very lonely and pale. Unfortunately he had to fight his own son B2, who then become the Emperor of Bandhavgarh
His burial spot
Charger Point, is where his body is buried. The memorial attracts visitors from all across. Especially those who have experienced his charge.

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